Used in a command to specify a constant text string as an argument. Note that an argument doesn't have to match exactly one command line argument, it can contain a fraction of an argument as well. See also the lar arglist and value argument tags.


Attribute Description Required
The agrument to add to the command line. No.
A text string to prepend to the argument. This might not be so useful for this element but it's included to be similar to arglist and value.
A text string to append to the arguemnt. The default value is a space character. It might sometimes be practical to set this to the empty string when the next arguemnt should follow without a space. See the examples.
No. Default:" "

Parameters specified as nested elements


The argument value can also be specified as nested text surrounded by <arg> </arg> instead of as an attribute. See the examples below.


The arg-tags below are equivalent.
<arg value="temp/obj"/>

The postfix attribute is set to space by default, but setting it to the empty string will sometimes be useful:

<arg value="-L" postfix=""/>
<arg value="/usr/local/lib"/>
This will generate an argument string without space between the arguments: