The arglist iterates over all elements and adds each item in a list, optionally prepended or appended with strings, to the command line. It is typically used when listing source files, object files, include paths, etc.

This will operate on special list properties set by either the compile, linklib or linkexe task. The names of the available lists can be found on the manual pages for those tasks.


Attribute Description Required
The list name to include on the command line. The name of the lists available depends on the task that invoked the command.
A text string to prepend to every element in the list.
A text string to append to the every element in the list. The default value is a space character. It might sometimes be practical to set this to the empty string when the next arguemnt should follow without a space.
No. Default:" "

Parameters specified as nested elements



The most common use is when simply adding the list items, separated by space, to the command line.

<arglist name="srcfiles"/>
A more elaborate example:
<arglist name="includepath" prefix="-I "/>
This will prepend every element in the includepath with -I before adding it to the command line.