Defines a command sequence which will link object and library files into an executable file on a specific platform. This sequence will be called by a linkexecutable task. It is perfectly OK to be very platform specific in those tasks as they are only run when the os-attribute matches the current platform.


Attribute Description Required
The operating system for which the task is to be used.
No. Default:  detected OS name
Setting this attribute to "true" will display each command line before it's executed.
No. Default: "false".

Parameters specified as nested elements


The command to run. In fact any number of commands may be executed in sequence by specifying multiple command-elements.


<executablelinker os="Windows XP" debug="true">
<command file="link">
<arg value="/out:" suffix=""/>
<value attribute="output" suffix=".exe "/>
<arglist name="libpath" prefix="/libpath:"/>
<arglist name="staticlibraries" suffix=".lib "/>
<arglist name="objfiles"/>

The above example defines a command which serves as an executable linker for Windows XP. It will be run when the linkexecutable task is invoked on a Windows XP platform.